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    Welcome to Cando

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    2022 Save the date

    Cando 28th Annual National Conference and AGM May 16-19, 2022

    Cando is a national Indigenous organization involved in community economic development. We build capacity which strengthens Indigenous economies by providing programs and services to Economic Development Officers.

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    Latest News

    Latest News


    Make a difference in Indigenous  Economic Development.

    If you’re looking to hone your skills, further your career and be recognized as an expert in Indigenous economic development, then Cando’s Certified Aboriginal Economic Developer Process is for you.

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    Join the Indigenous Supplier Database

    Cando is currently part of an initiative from various national Indigenous organizations, joining forces to be part of the response against the COVID-19 pandemic, and to make sure that Indigenous businesses are part of the solution. Find out more here!

    28th Annual Cando Conference
    will be held in-person in Spring 2022.
    Dates May 16-19, 2022.
    More details here!